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Royal Over-Seas League - Master Buildings Strategy Webinar with Martin Ashley

The Royal Over-Seas League was founded in 1910 by Sir Evelyn Wrench to foster international friendship and understanding. ROSL operates under Royal Charter and ‘aims at promoting an enduring multi-racial fellowship pledged to the support of the Commonwealth and to the service of others and humanity at large’. It is required to encourage the arts, particularly among the young people of the Commonwealth.


ROSL seeks to fulfil its aims by:

  • Supporting Commonwealth ideals
  • Offering clubhouse hospitality to member
  • Organising annual competitions for young artists and musicians
  • Developing joint welfare projects for disadvantaged communities
  • Providing a network of contact and representatives around the world.

ROSL has members throughout the world. There are branches or member groups in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Switzerland.

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