Royal Over-Seas League in Victoria

The ROSL is an organisation which was set up to bring together like-minded people, to foster friendship and understanding between Commonwealth peoples of different cultures and nationalities and to work for the good of humanity at large. ROSL in Victoria boasts a wide cross-section of society and all ages. League events are neither formal nor obligatory, but rather of a social nature and focus on a broad range of interests. These include theatre parties, celebratory dinners, receptions and musical events organised throughout the year.


Activities of the League in Victoria

As outlined above, the League organises functions of a social nature throughout the year. The Members are at present offered a wide choice of functions such as a trip to a winery where they will taste the cellar's selection, have lunch, and watch a game of royal tennis, as well as take time to stroll around or closely examine the gardens as their fancy takes them.

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